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Our Technology

High Tech + Low Overhead


We have a full Sheet Metal and Machine Shop facility with the latest in technology and equipment. Our five-building complex is filled with state-
of-the- art, computer-assisted machining and fabrication equipment.


From our Sheet Metal Shop, our Machine Shop to our Anodizing and Powdercoating Shops… we do it all.

Scroll down for more information on our:

-  In-House Design and 3D Modelling

- Precision Sheet Metal

- CNC Machine Shop

-  Specialty Welding

- Metal Finishing

- Metal Anodizing

- In-House Powdercoating

In-House Design & 3D Modelling 

Our in house designers take your project
from idea and development to the complete product all under one roof. 

Benefits of working with an in-house Design Team:

-  We can take your project from design through to production.
- We are your sole contact for more contacting multiple companies to make sure everything is going to plan!

- You can rest assured we know what we are doing! Our in-house design team know the Machine & Fabrication Shops inside and out!

Precision Sheet Metal

We use the very latest and most accurate production equipment in our sheet steel fabrication area.
Our CAM software ensures maximum sheet yields and production efficiencies.
Our CNC punching centre can deliver repeated accuracy up to +/- .002.
Using our Trumpf brake, we can hold bend angle consistencies to better than 20 min. (0.33 deg), even on longer parts.
High performance equipment and seasoned staff provide you with excellent results.


Our Sheet Metal equipment includes:

- Trumpf Thru Punch 3000 (pictured)

- Trumpf Punch 2000

- Metal Shear

- Tru-Bend V130 Brake

- Tru-Bend V85 Brake

- Pem-Serter Automatic

- Shroud Press


Machine Shop

Our machining area permits efficient manufacture of simple or complex parts.
Our advanced CAM software allows us to use your digital files and maximum material usage.
Our machining and turning centers consistently produce parts that hold tolerances of .0001
We employ automatic bar stock feeders that are extremely competitive on both small and large runs.


Our Machine Shop equipment includes:

- Mori-Seiki Horizontal NH-4000 Mill

- Mori-Seiki NHX 4000 Mill

- Mori-Seiki 5100 Mill

- Kia Vertical Mill

- Kia Bar feeder Lathe

- Nakamura Bar Feeder CNC Lathe

- Soco Saw

- Anodize Line 

Specialty Welding

We provide TIG and MIG welding, spot welding and silver soldering.
Our advanced technology and superb skill provides quality results on even the most demanding welding jobs.


Our welding equipment includes:

- Motoman Robotic Welder 

- Mig & Tig Welding

- Spot welder


To complete the metal fabrication process we have IN- HOUSE finishing. We are able to take your sheet metal product and complete it with powder coating. Our 5 stage pre- treatment and electrostatic charged powder coating, creates a super adhesion that provides chemical resistance. We can offer a wide assortment of textures, colors and finishes.


 - 5 stage cleaning and pretreatment process
- Silicon caps and plugs to protect any threaded hardware
- Masking schemes to your specifications


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